Máy đo độ nhám bề mặt - Surfcom 1500DX3/SD3,

Mã SP: - Model: Accretech

Máy đo độ nhám bề mặt - Surfcom 1500DX3/SD3,

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Máy đo độ nhám bề mặt

Model : Surfcom 1500DX3/SD3

Hãng sản xuất : Accretech

Linear Motor Drive (Patented)

-A linear motor drive ensures high accuracy and high-speed movement.
- Low vibration ensures more stable measurement at high magnifi cations.

High-Speed Measuring for Dramatically Improved Productivity

Very high speeds of 3 mm/s maximum for roughness measurement, 20 mm/s maximum for wave measurement, and a moving speed of 60 mm/s delivers measuring efficiency that is five to ten times better than existing models.

New, High-Performance Compact Pickup


New, High-Performance Compact Pickup


E-DT-SS01A Pickup for roughness measurement
- A new compact built-in pickup allows high-magnification, wide area measurement.
- The measuring range is 1000 μm with an outside diameter of 14 mm, and a measuring magnification of 500000 times.

Allows Upgrading to a Multi-Purpose system

You can easily upgrade from 2D to 3D roughness measurement or support both roughness (2D/3D) measurement and contour measurement on a single instrument just by adding on units. It is possible to upgrade the instrument to a multi-purpose system by adding a contour detector after the delivery of the instrument.

*Upgrading of some units is performed at the factory.

*Upgrading to a multi-purpose system by adding a contour detector is performed at the factory.


Patented AI Function Simplifies Measuring

- The measuring instrument selects suitable roughness settings and analysis conditions, even when measuring condition settings are not pre-configured.
- A lesson mode is also provided to teach users measuring instrument operations. Just one more example of ACCRETECH's commitment to build measuring instruments that can be used by anyone.

World Wide Machine

- This model complies with the latest ISO, JIS, DIN, ASME, CNOMO and other standards.
- It has cleared the European safety standard requirements for CE marking.
- It supports operation using Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Full Automation for Improved Measurement Efficiency


Example measurement with detector facing upwards (with Auto Stop Function)(using optional pickup holder coupling)


Example measurement with detector facing upwards (with Auto Stop Function)
(using optional pickup holder coupling)
- The teaching function fully automates the entire process, from multiple location measurements to creation of the final inspection report by pasting data into it.
- A moving speed of 60 mm/s dramatically improves measuring efficiency when performing full automatic measurement.


Freedom to Re-Analyze

Re-analysis can be performed easily after changing the measurement standard (linear, first half, latter half, round surface, both end), configuring the evaluation range, and removing defective data from a notch.


Able to Measure Film Thickness and Intricate Profiles

This instrument is applicable to fi lm thickness measurement (step/area), wear volume calculation (superimposed profile area) and waviness evaluation of LCD glass requiring high accuracy.


Flexible Input and Output Functions

Import and export functions make it possible to paste image data into measurement results, and to paste measured waveform data into a standard word processor or spreadsheet file.



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